Archived Worship Service Videos (through July 26)

Link to March 22 Worship

Links to March 29 Worship

Part 1 Link

Part 2 Link

Link to April 5 (Palm Sunday) worship

Links to April 9 Maundy Thursday worship

Part 1 Link (audio starts about 35 seconds into the video)

Part 2 Link

Link to April 10 Good Friday Service

Link to Easter Sunday worship

Link to April 19 worship

Link to April 26 worship

Link to May 3 worship

Link to May 10 worship

Links to May 17 worship

Part 1 Link

Part 2 Link

Part 3 Link

Link to May 24

Link to May 31

There was no audio this morning (equipment failure), so we're going to make a file, saved from the video camera, sometime today. It will be posted here when we get the file made.

Links to June 7 worship

Part 1

Part 2

Links to June 14 worship

Part 1

Part 2

Link to June 21

Link to June 28 (it's Part 2, no Part 1 because the file was corrupted)

Link to July 5

Link to July 12

Link to July 19

Link to July 26

Note: Facebook made a change, and for right now anyway, I can't link to a specific video without out it going to my personal page. So I won't be sending a separate email with the link. See the link at the top of the Worshiping page to all of our Facebook worship services. You do not have to have a Facebook account to do so. If you are unable to find the worship services, please email or call me. Thank you. —Jo

Link to September 13 outdoor worship