Missions and Outreach

Vision of UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief)

As the humanitarian relief and development arm of the United Methodist Church, UMCOR transforms and strengthens people and communities.


Compelled by Christ to be a voice of conscience on behalf of the people called Methodist, UMCOR works globally to alleviate human suffering and advance hope and healing.

Relief-Supply Kits

Relief-supply kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis. Health kits, sewing kits, school kits, bedding kits, birthing kits, and cleaning bucket kits are collected by generous donors across the United States. These items are then sent to one of two supply depots, where volunteers assemble, verify and pack the kits so that they can be sent to where they are needed most.

Kits also help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies. They provide vital support for UMCOR's global development work and make a tangible difference in people's lives.

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Hygiene Kits

School Kits

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